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Printing: from cost concept to value concept

[JinGuan] Date of publication:2016-01-07 clicked:4290

Nowadays, which is the time of advocating individualization and pursuing of convenience, on-demand printing and variable data printing ushered in the spring of development. Recently, in the investigation of NAPL (State Printing Guide Association), when asked about in the next two years which service you intend to increase, the answer of 48% of the surveyed objects is "digital printing services”. The percentage is far more than the" electronic commerce "and" database management ". Not only in Europe and the United States, but also in China, the market includes “Power Source” to promote the development of digital printing. As more and more printing business is from commercial printing, anti-counterfeiting printing, and short-run printing, digital printing market is also expanding; digital printing market in China is becoming the "battleground" for digital printing machine manufacturers, distributors and agents.

With infinite charm, digital printing industry becomes new favorites. This is not only because of its improvements in printing technology, but also because of its extension of printing services to other areas. The first is the short version of the live market; digital printing can achieve one-paper-printing, without considering the amount required in traditional printing. Because of this, proofing has also become a good application of digital printing. The use of digital printing machine for proofing can greatly increase the speed of outputting proofs. On-demand printing is the development direction of the printing industry, printing market of less-than-500 copies of the multi-page fine color is getting bigger and bigger, the emergence of digital printing machine makes on-demand printing is no longer just an “ideal”. Bidding, annual reports, promotional advertising, corporate profile, menu and so on are the target market. The pursuit of individuality has become a cultural trend, and there is a growing demand for targeted print products. Major companies such as insurance companies, real estate companies, banks, and etc. will use a lot of personalized direct mail and other forms of personalized printing products to win customers. At all levels of government departments and social organizations, demand for personalized certificate also is increasing. The use of digital printing can easily achieve variable data printing, and the image or text on each page can be changed in a continuous printing. Digital printing is flourishing in anti-counterfeiting printing, as it can do random color changing to number, text, and image to provide various forms of anti-counterfeiting measures. In addition, the bar code, code, VISA card’s security logo can also be printed by it. Also, network printing market in foreign countries is quietly rising; any valuable files, under the premise of the absence of a copyright, and the presence of online payment and online logistics, can be downloaded directly to the digital printing machine instantly to be printed on demand.

Digital printing allows us to shift from cost concept to value concept. As for magazine, newspaper, etc., printing is a cost concept, doing everything possible to reduce costs. Digital printing may have higher cost than traditional printing, but if you have a very good digital system, working in digitalized way, combining all creative with digital printing, the cost you save in data collection, document production, and time will exceed that part out of the high cost of digital printing. In short, not only in technology, but also in the mode of work and efficiency, the traditional printing and digital printing is not the same concept. The added value of digital printed products is much more than the cost of printing. Practitioners that adopt digital printing are not only printer, but also printing service provider. They will be in the shortest possible time, with the fastest speed, by the most correct way to provide customer with very much right needs of printing service and more value. Printing is no longer in providing the number of printed products, but in the business strategy coming out of it. Digital printing shifts industry market from cost concept to value concept.

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