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China Printing Machinery Industry's 12th Five-Year Plan Issued

[JinGuan] Date of publication:2016-01-07 clicked:4804

In the afternoon of August 5th, under the organization of China Equipment and Equipment Industry Association (hereinafter referred to as CEEIA), the "12th Five Year Plan" of China Printing Machinery Industry was held. During the meeting, the official released printing machinery industry’s “12th Five Year Development Plan"(hereinafter referred to as the"12th Five Year Plan"). Xing Hang, the director of Equipment Industry Department of Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, and Shunru Wen, vice director of Science and Technology Department of China Machinery Industry Federation, along with a number of printing machinery industry leaders, experts, and business representatives attended the meeting. 

The meeting was chaired by Jinfeng Xu, vice president and Secretary General of CEEIA, and the "12th Five Year Plan " of China printing machinery industry was issued. Xing Hang, the director of Equipment Industry Department of Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, also attended the meeting and delivered a speech. Director Hang introduced the policy related to printing machine issued by Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.

Junqiao Tan, who is honorary chairman of CEEIA Label Printing Division, and also the responsible person of the project "12th Five Year Plan", reported about the organization and the implementation details of the printing machinery industry "12th Five Year Plan". The draft was passed both in the Printing Machine Industry Key Enterprises Leadership Conference and in the General Council held on early December, and wasr formally submitted to the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology in December of that year. On April 25, 2011, the Equipment Industry Department of Ministry of Industry and Information Technology  had experts to review it, then it is issued in July.

In the “12th Five Year Plan”, it reviewed and summarized the main achievements and existing problems of the development of Printing Machinery Industry during the "Eleventh Five Year" period, specified the "Twelfth Five Year Plan" development goals and tasks, and put forward the development route and the organizing and implementing measures, having strategic significance for the next five years’ scientific development of the industry.

During the 12th Five Year Plan, the Printing Machinery Industry will focus on digital printing and printing digitalized technology and equipment, high-end printing machinery, high-end post-press equipment, and green environmental protection printing equipment and ancillary equipment, etc. It will focus on breakthroughs in high-end, intelligent printing machine’s ink control system technology, high-end, intelligent printing machine’s electronic axis driven system technology, digital inkjet printing machine pressure-electric inkjet printing head manufacturing technology, and computer direct plate-making machine grating valve technology.

During the Meeting, Wencai Xu, vice president of Beijing Institute of Graphic Communication, gave opinions on development of the Printing Machinery Industry during the 12th Five Year Plan.  Responsible persons from famous printing machine manufactures like Lekai Huaguang, Xi’an Huayang, Peking University Founder Group, Tianjin Changrong, Dazu Guanghua, Shanghai Hua tai, Shenzhen Jinmida, etc. also introduced their related project. At the same time, Jinfeng Xu, the Secretary General, implemented the specific work for the next step development plan.

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