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Guangdong Jinguan Technology Co., Ltd., was established in 1997; it is a State High and New Technology Enterprise with more than two decades history. In 2002, it was awarded as one of “The Top 100 Printing Enterprises In Guangdong Province”; from 2003 onwards for 13 consecutive years, it was awarded as “Enterprise of Abiding by Contract and Being Trustworthy”, and as a fixed-point printing company for state central government departments, the State Administration for Industry and Commerce’s “Business Licenses”, and General Administration of Press and Publication. From 2005 onwards, Company was continuously selected as "Guangdong sentinel printing protocol business". In 2012, Company won Guangzhou City Famous Trademark; In 2014, won Guangdong Province Famous Trademark.

Company is located at No. 111 Road Junfeng Nangang District Huangpu, Guangzhou, China. It has a factory area of over 26,000 sqm, 120 million RMB worth total assets, and more than 400 employees. It is a professional enterprise that integrating design, plate making, printing, post-press, and exquisite packaging, and specializing in research, development, and production of anti-counterfeiting packaging and tickets.

Company actively brought in advanced technology and management, taking “Love, Honesty, Professional, and Innovation” as its mission. Company has been working on developing professional paper anti-counterfeiting application technology, and it became member of “China Anti-counterfeiting Technology Association” and “China Anti-counterfeiting Industry Association” in 2004. Company cooperated with many colleges, and together with Guangdong Industry Technical College established anti-counterfeiting packaging R&D center in 2011. Company widely adopted anti-counterfeiting technology like anti-counterfeiting design process, anti-counterfeiting printing ink, and anti-counterfeiting paper, as a result, it not only protected the image and interest of clients’ products, but also greatly increased additional value for clients’ products, providing anti-counterfeiting technology support. In 2009, Company was recognized as National High-tech Enterprise.

Company fully implements ISO9001 quality management system, ISO14000 environment management system, and ISO27000 information security management system; it has won FSC and QS certification, and has established a scientific and effective management mechanism. With the exquisite skills, advanced equipments, well-trained staffs, and innovative thinking, Company is able to provide quality products and personalized services to our customers; it is the First Batch of Guangdong Supported Key Innovative High Growth Enterprise.

Company has advanced equipments and strong printing ability. It possesses CTP plate-making system, Heidelberg speedmaster folio four-color and five-color offset presses. In 2003, Company bought Heidelberg CP2000 four-color printing press, which is the world’s most advanced printing press at that time. In 2010, Company bought Heidelberg speedmaster folio five-color printing press. In 2011, Company bought KBA RAPIDA 105-7+L seven-color coating offset press. In 2012, Company bought Heidelberg speedmaster six-color coating sheet-fed offset printing press, full-automatic post-procedure processing equipment, and other world’s most advanced equipments.

Company's main products and services include packaging products, tickets, etc. With annual production capacity of more than 200 million, Company for a long time maintains good business relationships with the State Administration for Industry and Commerce, the Press and Publication Bureau (Copyright Bureau) of Guangdong Province, Guangdong Province Public Security Bureau, Biostime Inc., Schein Inc., Blue Moon Inc., etc. In 2006, with continuous development and improvement of our comprehensive strength, Company set up “International Trade Department”, which equipped Company with access to the international market.

"Customer’s full satisfaction, pursuit of quality and reasonable price, chase of company and society’s common prosperity" is not only Jinguan’s business philosophy, but also Jinguan’s practical action. Jinguan sincerely hopes to cooperate with all customers to create common prosperity.

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