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TALENT RECRUITMENT Recruitment Information Talent Idea

Talent Concept

Employ talents based on their talent so that they can use their talent to the utter most.

Talents are the soul of Company; Company treasures talents as the greatest wealth, and always takes talents as the source of its business, competition, and development.

Company provides talents with a broad stage on which talents can display their brilliance, and with large space in which talents can show their talents, achieving that it can discover talents, cultivate talents, respect talents, and develop talents.

Company focuses on introduction and re-cultivation of talents, assisted by comprehensive technical training and professional training, improving practical operation ability of talent on every level in work, achieving the following: people-oriented, appointing people based on their talent, and making the best use of people’s talent.

We have a young and highly educated team, a harmonious and diligent working environment, and a team spirit of mutual development.

We believe that Guangdong Jinguan Techonlogy Co. Ltd. is an ideal platform for various talents with both integrity and ability to realize their aspirations.

1. Salary and Welfare


Company provides competitive salary in the same industry, and maintains the external, internal and personal equity through effective compensation management.

Company gives salary based on three main factors like employees’ value, ability, and contribution, achieving “Talents use their talent to the utter most, and get money earned by them.”


● According to government’s requirement, Company buys social insurance, including pension, medical, work-related injuries, unemployment, maternity insurance and housing provident fund, etc.

● Company organizes regularly all kinds of activities (like hiking, excursion, tea party, and dinner party, etc.) for employees to participate.

● Company provides employees with free working lunch.

● Department as a unit, each employee can have a certain amount of activity fund for activities organized by each department.

2. Career Path

Company provides employees with two-way choices career development path. According to their ability, interest, and career plan, Employees can either choose the management career path, or choose a professional career path(on which employees focuses on a certain field, like research, implementation, marketing, sales, and consulting, etc. and do the best to be the experts in that field). Two-way choices career development path provides employees with vast space and platform for their career development in Company.


3. Communication Channels

Company adovocates “communicating without barriers” as its communication culture, providing various communication channels (like communicate meetings, reports, interviews, internal email, etc.) for employees to give their recommendations and comments to management.